Sunday, September 14, 2014

a good habit

each day is an important part of our
life journey
being thankful makes that journey
so much easier


Friday, September 5, 2014

sweet friends....

just checking in to see if you took my last post to heart
and are adding yourself to
 your list of beautiful things 

  a little note to you all so you know where I have been
I am working hard at trying not to be so neglectful when it 
comes to this bluebird notes blog of mine
it has been very hard as not only is my
life just plan busy
but I have been suffering for months now 
with a very bad back which makes it impossible to sit for too long
I have been spending more time just adding my photos onto my
facebook and instagram pages
my hope is to get back here as much as I can
as I miss visiting you all
please do not give up on me and keep checking back
 I hope to be able to pop over and visit you all soon


Sunday, August 17, 2014


we always forget about ourselves

snailmail update
random generator picked
26 ~ Eugenia from 424 Purisima
29 ~ Claudia from NuNu's Garn-und Stofflabor
37 ~ Kate from The Garden Bell
8 ~ Dawn from (4:53am)
41 ~ Gloria from Gloria's Little Cedars
please email me your addresses
{my address is found in my profile at the bottom of my page}
I will get your artcard /postcard in mail the by the end of the week

Have a great new week my friends.


Friday, August 1, 2014

~snailmail love~

pretty pink flowers

I just finished making some new artcards/postcards
and I feel like sending some
snailmail LOVE
leave me a comment and I will pick a few of you
 /by random generator/ 
to send a little friend to friend note
/I will contact you for your address/ 
Happy August